This Is #BlackOutBlackFriday.

Minority communities in the U.S. hold over 3 TRILLION DOLLARS in spending power. Our government relies heavily on economic support from various communities to thrive. As US government officials incline their ears more towards money than the cries of the people, it is evident that dollars — not scholars — run our democracy.

Money Talks, Bulls#it Walks.

American citizens currently reeling over the state of justice, or lack thereof, and a plan of action to effect governmental change is necessary. Our system is broken, and WE can fix it.

This is the #BlackOutBlackFriday movement.

Our justice system may not think that minority lives matter…but they KNOW that Black dollars matter. And Latino dollars matter. And Native American dollars matter… and, you get the point.

The people of America, regardless of race, desire justice for all. Equality for all. A voice for ALL. Through our concentrated, combined, focused effort, we can be the change.

#BlackOutBlackFriday is using the entire holiday shopping season to boycott major corporations, and divert our spending to small and Black-owned businesses instead. We will continue this retail protest until our concerns are heard and our demands for equal justice are met.

The #BlackoutBlackBlackFriday movement is not just about a day — it is a call to action for everyone on the right side of justice.