Why #BlackOutBlackFriday?

In the wake of #Ferguson, it’s become painfully clear that people of color, and Black people in particular, are still unjustly targeted by law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

The lack of indictment in the deaths of Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO, John Crawford III of Ohio, and many, many more victims of police deaths are unacceptable in this modern society. To that end, we will cease spending money on American retail corporations until a change is made.

So why an economic boycott???

Because Black Americans Shape the Bottom Line

Black Americans contribute approximately $1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS to the consumer economy. We buy. We shop. We shape trends in retail marketing and impact the bottom line. Our money counts.

Because Black Dollars Put Retailers in the Black

Black Friday is the single most profitable shopping day of the year. Large businesses make 25 to 50% of their yearly revenue during the holiday season alone. Many retailers go from being in the red (loss) to being in the black (profit), hence the name. If people refuse to spend on this day, companies take a huge hit for it. Our money counts.

Because Black Dollars Pay for Retailers’ Political Interests

Retailers and corporations have lobbyists who work on their behalf in the government. Retailers also donate to political campaigns that support their interests. These are common practices and are completely legal. We can influence how corporations lobby by speaking with our money. If we hold our cash back, the corporations will engage lobbyists and politicians to make the reforms necessary to get our dollars back into their stores. Our money counts.

Because Black Dollars NOT Spent on Black Friday Means A HUGE Blow to Retailers, And They Take NOTICE.

A concentrated, combined, focused, determined boycott will let corporations and lawmakers know we mean business.

Our. Money. Counts.