What’s the point?

There are two main points to this boycott:

  • To get support and backing from the companies in our communities as we push for this important reform. Why corporations? Because they pay the lobbyists and donate to the politicians who make the laws in Washington.
  • To remind our community where our power is — IN OUR SPENDING.  Black Americans have the HIGHEST spending power of any group in the U.S.  #BlackOutBlackFriday is directing that power to the entities that build up our communities, not those that stand quietly as our communities are destroyed.

What’s the goal?

Simply put — Police reform. But know that will take time. So the first concrete goal is mandatory body cameras on all police officers. Body cameras defend officers who are living up to their oath to protect and serve, and exposes criminal officers who do not.

Is the boycott only for Black Friday?

No. We are starting this retail boycott on Black Friday — the biggest shopping day of the year — and continuing through the rest of the holiday season. The boycott will continue into the New Year, unless lawmakers and the corporations that fund them commit to changes.